Knights and Bikes

Knights and Bikes

The Knights and Bikes series is based on the characters and setting of the video game of the same name by Foam Sword Games. Set on a Cornish island in the 1980’s, Knights and Bikes follows the story of new best friends Demelza and Nessa as they explore the island and uncover clues on their trusty two wheeled steeds as they hunt for the cursed treasure of the Penfurzy Knights.

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Longlisted for the Blue Peter Awards 2019.

What people are saying about Knights and Bikes:

“Knights and Bikes is thrill a minute and laugh a second. Inspirational reading for monster hunters with heart. Rollicks along at a furious pace with characters who are at once familiar and original. Gabrielle Kent has created the fantasy world we have been waiting for.” – EOIN COLFER

“A wonderfully heartwarming tale mixed with a delightfully funny dose of 80s nostalgia” – RHIANNA PRATCHETT

“So I finished Knights and Bikes last night and it is EXCELLENT. I felt like I was in a mixture of Sonic the Hedgehog and Candleshoe. The story made me laugh and I wanted to be friends with the heroines.” – Charlotte Eyre, THE BOOKSELLER

“As anticipated, this is a romping energetic adventure story on bikes that explores the wonders of friendship, with a quest to solve, and mentions of water balloons, frisbees and much more. A bit wacky, highly illustrated, and with a computer game to follow, this should be a well-thumbed mystery.” – MINERVAREADS blog